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The Next Generation of Test Prep Demanded by the Next Generation of Students

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The Only Universal Test App

Prepares students for the full suite of standardized examinations, from primary school through graduate school.

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Test Me!’s “Secret Sauce” Our Proprietary Content

A first-rate study methodology and that uses best practices of EdTech to enable students to efficiently master the most essential concepts.

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Unlimited Video Tutoring

Highly qualified, credentialed tutors available on demand, via our conferencing function 24/7, 365 days per year.

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University Admissions Counselling Included

On demand, TestMe! Credentialed Counselors to assist students with questions related to test options, registration, application processes, fee waiver eligibility and application nuts and bolts.

American Students take an average of 113 standardized tests between grades K-12

Parents with or without resources pressured to break bank for test prep

SAT tutor who charges $1,500 an hour says college admissions have become an 'arms race.'

Business Insider

The K-12 Education Resources Market has also more than doubled in just three years since 2013 (From 5.3 to 13.4 billion)

Global Industry Analysts

1/4 of US parents with children 11-16 now pay for tutoring services (often at 100-200$ per hour and more).

The Economist

“Because of the Common Core, developers no longer have to cater to dozens or even hundreds of varying standards. Instead, they can focus on creating the best applications that align with the Core.

When you add textbooks, supplements, and assessments together, you’re talking about a $9 billion market that’s wide open for innovation.”

Bill Gates (2013)